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"The world's best interior designers agree that 2021's interiors won't just be about looks - [escapism], sustainability and home-spun charm will all play a part." We agree, especially as more and more consumers care about mindful consumption - consuming less, but deliberately and in a way that doesn't harm the environment and people.

Below, the words of Sophie Ashby, Bill Bensley, and Stephen Falcke - all nominees for the International Interior Designer of the Year Award - elaborate on their predictions.

Sophie Ashby: Sustainability and Supporting Communities

'We tend to steer clear of "trends" as, by definition, they are transient and forever changing. I’d like to think in 2021 we will be shopping more responsibly – in sustainable terms, but also beyond this – by supporting and spotlighting different communities and independents. I really hope the interior design world evolves in this way and diversifies – permanently.'

Bill Bensley: Sustainability and Escapism

'I imagine we will look at design with fresh eyes following the year of Covid, and in more ways than just adding space for social distancing, and eliminating buffets from our plans (hooray!). 

'We are looking at a world which has been turned upside down, and wants nothing more than to escape into places full of fresh air, greenery and beauty. Escapism at its best – there is nothing I enjoy more! We have also been seeing a triumph of nature as it reclaimed our cities – while simultaneously masks, medical waste and single use plastic have their resurgence as we try and kill this bug. 

'I hope from now on we all think twice as hard, and do five times more than we did before, in terms of sustainability, for we are in dire need of it.'

Stephen Falcke: Comfort and Handmade Looks

'The world is emphasizing on interiors, which are now prettier, softer and with a handmade "folk look". This reflects the need for comfort in the stressful times we live in today.'

[This was taken as an excerpt from Homes and Garden - original article here.]

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